If you believe IN GOD, then BELIEVE GOD!

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Here is a link to an old printable newsletter from 2010 entitled: If you believe IN GOD, then BELIEVE GOD!


It’s only 2 PDF pages but it’s filled with spiritual gems that will let your spirit soar. Don’t take my word for it, take God at His Word.

Here’s THE LINK.

I hope you enjoy it and remember, if you believe IN GOD, then BELIEVE GOD! Blessings! :D

NO LONGER COMPATIBLE (in marriage)???

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Someone asked: “What does one do if you are no longer compatible as you were at the beginning of your marriage?


Joey Bonifacio‘s simple response was, “compatibility is a myth”.

He said: “The dictionary defines compatibility as the ability “to exist or occur together without conflict.” In the real life of relationships there is no such thing.”


He went on to say:It is not incompatibility that destroys marriages, but selfishness. It is not our differences that cause problems but pride. Selfishness and pride are things that will cause conflict no matter how compatible two people may seem to be. Only a relationship with God can change us from being selfish and prideful.

Feel free to read more of what he said by clicking here: What if we are no longer compatible in marriage? :D Blessings!


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The 2014 Noah movie is full of controversy. I wanted to write about it but I found an article that did a detailed review of the movie. Here is an excerpt from the article and a link to it so you can read it too. Be Blessed always… ~SM


“Is the Film Biblically Accurate?

One of the things we have heard from various Christian leaders is that the film was rather faithful to the biblical text. In fact, a seven-minute video was produced by a believer who works in Hollywood that displayed various endorsements of the film. In it, Ari Handel, the co-screenwriter of Noah stated, “It was very important to us to do two things at the same time. One was to not to do anything which contradicted the letter of the text. And the second was, wherever we could, without contradicting Genesis, we wanted to break expectations.”

So in the words of the film’s cowriter, it was supposedly very important for them not to contradict the letter of the text. Let’s see how well they achieved this goal.

The Film Shows The Bible States
“In the beginning, there was nothing.” In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1)
Adam and Eve had three sons. Adam and Eve had Cain, Abel, Seth, and other sons and daughters. (Genesis 5:4)
Noah’s father Lamech died when Noah was a young boy. Lamech lives until Noah is about 595 years old, dying approximately five years before the Flood.
Japheth is Noah’s youngest son. Ham is Noah’s youngest son (Genesis 9:24 ).
Japheth releases the raven from the ark. Noah releases the raven (Genesis 9:7).
God used the big bang and evolution (see below for more details). God created everything in six days (Genesis 1).
Man is to be judged because of what humans have done to the earth. Man is to be judged for sinning against the holy and righteous God.
Noah builds the ark solely to save “the innocents” (meaning the animals), and after it serves its purpose, man is to die off. Noah built the Ark for the saving of his household (Hebrews 11:7) and the animals (Genesis 6:19–20).

Either Ari Handel has very little knowledge of the text or he deliberately lied about his point to promote the movie. Both options should be enough to make one question the integrity of the film’s writing.

One might argue that many of these issues are rather minor points in the grand scheme of the biblical narrative. But it reveals a cavalier attitude towards the Bible. If they can’t bother to get the smaller points right, then how can we trust them to accurately handle the larger issues (and they don’t—see below)?

Think about it. They could have made Ham the youngest of the boys or had Noah release the raven without changing their overall story. They could have had Lamech die at the proper time and still open the movie with the setup to the latter confrontation with Tubal-Cain by giving Noah a beloved uncle or older brother who gets killed.

But they didn’t. Instead, the filmmakers directly went against the Word of God on issues that wouldn’t have changed their story, which demonstrates that they absolutely did not respect God’s Word. They did not try hard to avoid doing “anything which contradicted the letter of the text.””

Please enjoy the article about the 2014 Noah movie. Here’s the LINK.

10 facts YOU NEED TO KNOW about the devil.

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Throwback Thursday. ;)


10 facts YOU NEED TO KNOW about the devil..

THE RELEVANCE OF CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE. (Passionate arguments for…) [an excerpt]

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Here is an excerpt from “Letters to a Diminished Church: Passionate Arguments for the Relevance of Christian Doctrine” by Dorothy L. Sayers.

“Perhaps we are not following Christ all the way or in the right spirit. We are likely, for example, to be a little sparing of the palms and hosannas. We are chary of wielding the scourge of small cords, lest we should offend somebody or interfere with trade.

“We do not furnish up our wits to disentangle knotty questions about Sunday observance and tribute money, nor hasten to sit at the feet of the doctors, both hearing them and asking them questions.



“We pass hastily over disquieting jests about making friends with the mammon of unrighteousness and alarming observations about bringing not peace but a sword; nor do we distinguish ourselves by the graciousness by which we sit at meat with publicans and sinners.

“Somehow or other, and with the best intentions, we have shown the world the typical Christian in the likeness of a crashing and rather ill-natured bore—and this in the name of the one who assuredly never bored a soul in those thirty-three years during which he passed through the world like a flame.

“Let us, in heaven’s name, drag out the divine drama from under the dreadful accumulation of slipshod thinking and trashy sentiment heaped upon it, and set it on an open stage to startle the world into some sort of vigorous reaction. If the pious are the first to be shocked, so much worse for the pious—others will pass into the kingdom of heaven before them.

“If all men are offended because of Christ, let them be offended; but where is the sense of their being offended at something that is not Christ and is nothing like him?

“We do him singularly little honor by watering down his personality till it could not offend a fly. Surely it is not the business of the Church to adapt Christ to men, but to adapt men to Christ.”

― Dorothy L. Sayers, Letters to a Diminished Church: Passionate Arguments for the Relevance of Christian Doctrine


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Hi everyone, I know, I have been ‘away’ for a long time. I’ve not really been gone though! I’ve been here, looking, ‘listening’, watching, but not interacting. The link above is to a profound post I read just now.

It inspired me to ask myself, “Do you see yourself as God sees you or as the circumstances dictate?” and to write the following:

dirt -GOD sees us as precious even before we become that speck of useless dirt, which eventually transforms into a valuable pearl.
clam -GOD allows irritations in our lives; irritations that we can transform into precious things using the tools (His Word) He has placed in us.
clam -GOD gives us the ability and wisdom to turn our stumbling blocks into stepping stones.
pearl -GOD transforms us in the midst of our tragedies into an image of Christ Jesus.
pearl -GOD fishes our ‘captor’ from the murky depths, takes us, and exposes His precious creation for all to see.

Please click the link to visit exhaleyoursoul and give a like or leave a comment if you are touched by it too. :D



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Here is a word from the Lord.

James 5:15 KJV
“And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.”

The prayer of faith is a powerful one. It will HEAL the sick. This refers to physical healing and includes spiritual healing as well. The person’s sins will also be forgiven. BUT this is no ordinary prayer!


This PRAYER is actually a VOW to GOD! Yes, a VOW made directly to God the Father! You can pray it for yourself or you can intercede on behalf of someone else. Let’s examine a few Greek words in this text.

The Greek word translated as ‘prayer‘ is yü-khā (Strong’s G2171). It refers to a prayer to God in the form of a vow. It also refers to consecration and implies renewal.

The Greek word translated as ‘sick‘ is kä’m-nō (Strong’s G2577). It refers to being tired and faint, especially concerning the work of the Lord, and also refers to being sick.

The Greek word translated as ‘save‘ is sō’-zō (Strong’s G4982). It means to save, keep safe and sound, to rescue from danger or destruction. In this scripture it refers to saving a suffering one (from perishing), i.e. one suffering from disease, to make well, to heal, to restore to health.

So, if someone is sick, your intercessory VOW to GOD shall HEAL them and cause their sins to be forgiven. Think about it… Here is a way you can pray this prayer:

Heavenly Father, I come boldly but humbly before your throne of Grace right now. I decree that I love you, that I am your child and your servant and that I desire to do your will and give you all the glory. I know you see my friend ________ and you see his/her suffering. I declare healing in his/her spirit and body right now, in the name and authority of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. You give us authority to make intercessory prayer so I intercede on his/her behalf. I stand in faith, believing that you are able and willing to transform him/her, deliver him/her from the power of darkness and bring him/her into your marvelous light. I rebuke all the works of the enemy satan and his agents and I thwart their every operation against ________ in both the spiritual and physical realms. I call it done and I thank you for honoring my vow, by our Lord Jesus the Christ and by the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen!

NOW, please give this gift of a word from the Lord to someone else by sharing it!  ~EM

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